Monocouche Render in Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

Eagle Eye Construction Limited can not only transform your interior to make your space beautiful but we can also transform your outdoor space into something just as amazing! How your property is presented from the outside is of equal importance as it is the gateway to which you will see your home inside as well.

Eagle Eye Construction services Hertfordshire, North London and we can consider other areas for larger jobs. We provide fast and free quotations and provide our services to the construction industry as well as general public.

We offer the following rendering services:

1.Through Coloured Mineral Rendering

  • Commonly known as Monocouche meaning “one coat”. This rendering technique is scraped to give a pitted texture resembling stone. Monocouche is offered in various colours with a choice of coarse textures. We can machine or hand apply through coloured mineral renders from a range of manufacturers and we are approved applicators for Parex, Weber, S.A.S, Alumasc, Alsecco, Permarock and Wetherby.

  • Cement renders are ready mixed renders giving the colour a crisp, clean finish, comes in over 50 colours and allows your building to breathe. This means that if moisture is trapped in your building cavity, it can escape through your walls and through the render. This is crucial as then your building will not retain moisture and thus no damp and mould is evident.

Our rendering solution will save you time and money as you do not need to wait for the render to dry and the colour will last longer. As with any colour render material, longer term savings will also be made not having to incur further decorating costs as well as scaffolding costs.

  • Many say that renders are crack resistant but, renders do crack but only when the building moves. However, to stop this from happening as much as possible Eagle Eye Construction Limited incorporates an alkali-resistant mesh into the wet render as standard practice to provide reinforcement, other precautions can also be applied to new build projects, such as bed reinforcement – please contact us to discuss any issues your property may have.

2.PAREX Through Coloured and Monocouche Mineral

  • The Parex colours shown below may be subject to small variations when reproduced on paper. To check the rendering colour, please contact us. The colours marked with an * indicate the shades with a solar absorption coefficient over 0.7. These strong shades are more sensitive to colour alteration, efflorescence, lime bloom and to climatic constraints.

  • Ensure that humidity and temperature conditions are taken into account when they are used. Please note: The shade of the same colour may also differ dependent upon the finishing aspect; e.g. The colour of a Textured finish adjacent to a Smooth finish in the same colour may appear to look different when viewed next to each other.

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